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144 Place C-339.TIF

377 Properties A-353B.tif

377 Sunset Strip Subdivision B-162.tif

4orth Enterprise C-373.pdf

A. L Berrys Subdivision A-24B.TIF

Abbey Bend Substation Addition C-97.tif

Abbot & Ables Addition A-254.TIF

Abbott & Ables Addition B-238.tif

Abe Estates B-328.tif

Abes Landing P-468.pdf

Abes Landing C-114.TIF

Abes Landing C-167.TIF

Abes Landing C-200.tif

Abes Landing C-237.TIF

Abes Landing C-255.tif

Abes Landing C-259.TIF

Abes Landing C-260.TIF

Abes Landing C-270.tif

Abes Landing C-283.TIF

Abes Landing C-318.tif

Abes Landing C-359.pdf

Abes Landing P-382.TIF

Abes Landing P-383.2.TIF

Abes Landing P-383.TIF

Abes Landing P-413.JPG


ACI Addition B-263.tif

Aci Addition C-266.tif


Acton Cemetery A-375B.tif

Acton Landing C-324.tif

Acton Meadows A-323A.tif

Acton Middle School Addition B-343.tif

Acton Middle School B-194.TIF

Aiken Subdivision No. 1 B-359.tif

Airpark Addition A-386A.tif

Airpark Addition A-399B.tif

Airpark Addition B-21.TIF

Airpark Addition B-60.tif

Airpark Addition No 1 A-352B.tif

Airpark Addition No 2 A-356B.tif

Airpark Addition No 3 A-361A.TIF

Airpark Estates B-10.TIF

Albertelli Addition C-22.tif

Alta Vista Estates B-16.TIF

Alta Vista Estates B-305.tif

American Religious Townhall Meeting Addition B-267.tif

American Religous Townhall Meeting Addition a-373B.tif

AMUD Water Tower at Mambrino B-258.tif

Andrews Addition B-136.tif

Andrews Addition B-221.tif

Antioc Consolidated Conomo School A-160.TIF

Arrowhead Shores A-143.TIF

Arrowhead Shores A-143B.TIF

Arrowhead Shores A-153B.TIF

Arrowhead Shores A-154.TIF

Arrowhead Shores A-154B.TIF

Arrowhead Shores A-155.TIF

Arrowhead Shores A-174.TIF

Arrowhead Shores A-81.TIF

Arrowhead Shores A-86A.TIF

Arrowhead Shores B-246.tif

Arrowhead Shores B-291.tif

Arrowhead Shores Subdivision C-236.tif

Ashley Oaks Addition C-363.pdf


Ashley Oaks C-215.TIF

Ashley Oaks C-256.tif

Ashley Oaks C-310.TIF

Ashley Oaks C-311.tif

Ashley Oaks P-410.tiff

Avalon Addition B-49.tif

Avalon Addition B-55.tif

Avalon Addition B-61.tif

Avalon Addition B-66.tif

Avalon Addition B-67.tif

Avalon Addition B-71.tif

Avalon Addition C-169.tif

Avalon Addition C-180.tif

Avalon Addition P-401.pdf

AvalonAddition B-138.tif

B & M Industrial Park A-291B.TIF

B-4 Addition C-36.tif

Ballards Addition C-226.tif

Ballenger Addition C-361.pdf

Ballenger Addition C-366.pdf

Barr Addition B-185.tif

Bartlett Estates B-228.tif

Barton Addition A-202.TIF

Barton Addition A-244B.TIF

Barton Addition B-257.tif

Barton Addition B-293.tif

Barton Addition B-348.tif

Barton Addition B-36.tif

Barton Addition B-380.tif

Barton Addition B-74.tif

Barton Addition C-238.tif

Barton Addition P-402.pdf

Barton Additon B-355.tif

Beasley Place B-372.tif

Bee Creek Estates A-40B.TIF

Bee Creek Estates A-42.TIF

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-102.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-119.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-14.TIF

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-170.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-178.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-271.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-292.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-3.TIF

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-32.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-33.TIF

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-332.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-368.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-58.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-69.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-76.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-77.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-81.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury B-83.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury C-145.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury C-299.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury C-4.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury C-62.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury P-392.1.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury P-392.2.tif

Bentwater on Lake Granbury P-400.pdf


Bentwater P-396.tif

Bentwater P-397.tif

Betzel Ranch Estates A-337A.tif

Betzel Ranch Estates A-339B.tif

Betzel Ranch Estates A-340B.tif

Blue Branch Ranch B-223.tif

Blue Branch Ranch B-243.tif

Blue Branch Ranch B-93.TIF

Blue Branch Ranch B-97.TIF

Blue Heron Point A-348A.tif

Blue Water Shores A-238B.TIF

Bluff View on Lake Granbury B-131.tif

Bluff View on Lake Granbury B-134.tif

Bluff View on Lake Granbury B-175.tif

Bluff View on Lake Granbury B-222.tif

Bluff View on Lake Granbury C-155.tif

Boggs Addition P-374.pdf

Boggs Addition P-374.TIF

Boggs Addition P-378.TIF

Bolen Addition B-140.tif

Bonita Vista Estates A-328B.tif

Booth Addition B-326.tif

Boyer Place C-71.tif

Brazos Bend B-68.tif

Brazos Harbor Mobile Home Park C-358.pdf

Brazos Harbor Mobile Home Park A-219B.TIF

Brazos Harbor Mobile Home Park A-234.TIF

Brazos Harbor Mobile Home Park A-310B.tif

Brazos Harbor Mobile Home Park A-360A.tif

Brazos Harbor Mobile Home Park B-315.tif

Brazos Harbor Mobile Home Park B-88.tif

Brazos Harbor Mobile Home Park C-301.tif

Brazos Harbor Molbile Home Park B-208.tif

Brazos Harbor Molbile Home Park Ph III B-294.tif

Brazos Park Mobile Home Park B-161.tif

Brazos River Acres A-101B.TIF

Brazos River Acres A-163B.TIF

Brazos River Acres A-167B.TIF

Brazos River Acres A-275B.TIF

Brazos River Acres A-82B.TIF

Brazos Station B-298.tif

Brazos Station C-265.tif

Brazos Trails Estates C-338.tif

Brepsy Addition C-295.tif

Briar Haven Subdivision C-146.tif

Briarwood A-124B.TIF

Briarwood A-47B.TIF

Briarwood Industrial Park A-283.TIF

Bridge Harbor Condominium C-81.TIF

Broadway Acres B-122.tif

Brooks Subdivision A-284.TIF

Brushy Home Estates A-329A.tif

Brushy Homes Estates A-286.TIF

Brushy Lane Estates A-240B.TIF

Burrow Addition C-28.tif

Burton Estates B-319.tif

Burton Estates C-13.tif

C. O . Subdivision A-276.TIF

C. Arrington Survey A-2.TIF

Campbell Addition A-384A.tif

Campbell Family Addition B-253.tif

Canyon Creek A-106B.TIF

Canyon Creek A-183B.TIF

Canyon Creek A-190B.TIF

Canyon Creek A-191.TIF

Canyon Creek A-198B.TIF

Canyon Creek A-199.TIF

Canyon Creek A-199B.TIF

Canyon Creek A-202B.TIF

Canyon Creek A-210.TIF

Canyon Creek A-210B.TIF

Canyon Creek A-214B.TIF

Canyon Creek A-307A.tif

Canyon Creek A-316B.TIF

Canyon Creek A-94B.TIF

Canyon Creek C-100.tif

Canyon Creek C-211.tif

Canyon Creek C-349.TIF

Canyon Creek III A-306B.tif

Canyon Creek III C-290.tif

Canyon Creek P-405.tiff

Canyon Creek Unit 1 B-392.tif

Cardinal Ridge Addition P-471.pdf

Cardinal Ridge P-384.TIF

Care Center Addition A-324A.tif

Carriage Place B-394.tif

Carriage Place C-1.tif

Catalina Bay B-197.TIF

Catalina Bay C-351.pdf

Catalina Bay C-360.pdf

Catalina Bay C-362.pdf

Catalina Bay C-367.pdf

Catalina Bay II B-236.TIF

Catalina Bay II B-312.TIF

Catalina Bay II C-105.TIF

Catalina Bay II C-158.tif

Catalina Bay II C-317.TIF

Catalina Bay II C-370.2.TIF

Catalina Bay II C-370.TIF

Catalina Bay II C-79.TIF

Cedar Canyon Estates B-383.tif

Champion Subdivision A-364A.tif

Chaparral Estates A-236.TIF

Chaparral Estates A-308.tif

Chaparral Estates C-249.tif


Chick Addition B-144.tif

Chicken Express Addition B-27.tif

Chilis Addition B-109.tif

Chism Addition A-287.TIF

Chism Addition B-19.tif

Chism Addition C-166.tif

Chism Addition C-244.tif

Chism Addition C-322.tif

City Hall Addition P-423.pdf

City of Granbury A-204B.TIF

City of Granbury A-206.TIF

City of Granbury A-366B.tif

City of Granbury Municipal Complex B-192.tif

Claiborne Shores A-339A.tif

Clearview Hills Estates C-353.pdf

Clearview Hills Estates P-463.pdf

Cleveland Acres Addition B-250.tif

Cleveland Acres Addition B-364.tif

Club Cove Subdivision B-211.tif

Club Cove Subdivision B-94.tif

Coates Addition C-42.tif

Cobblestone Court C-168.tif

Cobblestone Court P-433.pdf

Coleman Ranch A-162.TIF

Comanche Cove A-108.TIF

Comanche Cove A-112.TIF

Comanche Cove A-14.TIF

Comanche Cove A-152.TIF

Comanche Cove A-175B.TIF

Comanche Cove A-176.TIF

Comanche Cove A-196.TIF

Comanche Cove A-200.TIF

Comanche Cove A-212B.TIF

Comanche Cove A-62.TIF

Comanche Cove A-93.TIF

Comanche Cove A-93B.TIF

Comanche Cove A-94.TIF

Comanche Cove A61B.TIF

Comanche Harbor A-105B.TIF

Comanche Harbor A-118B.TIF

Comanche Harbor A-119B.TIF

Comanche Harbor A-120.TIF

Comanche Harbor A-130B.TIF

Comanche Harbor A-131.TIF

Comanche Harbor A-131B.TIF

Comanche Harbor A-137.TIF

Comanche Harbor A-67B.TIF

Comanche Harbor A-68.TIF

Comanche Harbor A-80B.TIF

Comanche Peak North A-180B.TIF

Comanche Peak North A-214.TIF

Comanche Point A-95.TIF

Comanche Shadows B-237.tif

Comanche Trails Ranch A-161B.TIF

Community Bank Addition C-292.tif

Cornerstone Christian Academy Addition B-384.tif

Coulstan Addition C-123.tif

Coulston Addition A-374.tif

Country Estates A-268B.TIF

Country Estates A-270.TIF

Country Meadows A-288B.TIF

Courtyards at Lake Granbury B-295.TIF

Courtyards at Lake Granbury P-473.pdf

Craig Addition C-70.tif

Crawford Place 2 B-325.tif

Crawford Place 2 Addition B-389.TIF

Crawford Place 2 Addition C-35.TIF

Crawford Place B-174.tif

Crawford Place B-266.tif

Crawford Place B-373.tif

Crawford Place B-379.tif

Crawford Place C-18.tif

Crawford Place C-247.tif

Crawford Place C-302.TIF

Crawford Place P-428.pdf

Cresson Crossroads C-126.TIF

Cresson Crossroads C-204.tif

Cresson Crossroads C-223.tif

Cresson Crossroads C-275.TIF

Cresson Crossroads C-276.tif

Cresson Crossroads C-323.tif

Cresson Crossroads C-350.pdf

Cresson Crossroads P-391.TIF

Cresson Crossroads P-462.pdf

Cresson One North P-399.pdf

Cresson One South P-398.pdf

Cresson One Subdivision C-264.TIF

Cripple Creek A-309A.tif

Curtis Kelley Subdivision A-261.TIF

Daffan Addition B-254.tif

De Cordova Bend A-69.TIF

De Cordova Bend A-70.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estate Replat P-431.pdf

De Cordova Bend Estates A-106.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-117.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-133.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-15.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-150B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-173.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-182.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-195B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-19B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-20.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-20B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-228.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-23B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-24.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-25.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-26.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-26B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-27B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-28B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-292B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-29B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-30.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-31.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-31B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-33.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-33B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-35.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-350B.tif

De Cordova Bend Estates A-351A.tif

De Cordova Bend Estates A-359A.tif

De Cordova Bend Estates A-36B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-37.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-39.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-39B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-41B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-42B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-43B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-44.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-48.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-48B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-5.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-65.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-66B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A-8.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates A30B.TIF

De Cordova Bend Estates B-203.tif

De Cordova Bend Estates C-240.tif

De Cordova Bend Estates C-315.tif

De Cordova Bend Estates C-316.tif

De Cordova Bend Estates C-319.tif

De Cordova Bend Estates C-53.tif

De Cordova Bend Estates Replat P-425.pdf

De Cordova Bend P-406.tiff

De Cordova Bendn Estates A-62B.TIF

De Cordova Hills A-285.TIF

De Cordova Hills A-299.TIF

De Cordova Hills B-313.tif

De Cordova Hills B-98.tif

De Cordova Hills C-133.tif

De Cordova Hills C-197.tif

De Cordova Hills C-340.TIF

De Cordova Ranch C-212.tif

De Cordova Ranch P-375.pdf

De Cordova Villa Condo A-123.TIF

De Cordova Villa Condo A-145.TIF

De Cordova Villa Condo A-64.TIF

DeCordova Bend Estates B-349.tif

DeCordova Ranch C-29.TIF

DeCordova Ranch C-55.tif

Deer Park Estates A-279.TIF

Deer Run Acres A-208B.TIF

Deer Valley Estates A-235.TIF

Dohse Landings A301B.TIF

Dove Winds B-184.tif

Dove Winds B-265.tif

Doyle Springs Addition A-274.TIF

Driftwood Theater B-35.tif

Driftwood Theatre Addition C-10.tif

Durant Development A-290.TIF

Durham Overstreet Addition B-129.tif

Durham Overstreet Addition B-219.tif

Durham's Bend B-139.tif

Durham's Bend B-54.tif

Durham-Overstreet Addition A-361B.tif

Durham-Overstreet Addition A-370A.tif

Durham-Overstreet Addition C-192.TIF

Eagles Crest Addition B-75.tif

Eagles Crest Addition C-140.tif

East Park A-101.TIF

East Park Subdivision B-187.tif

East Rdge Baptist Addition A-317B.tif

Eastwood Estates A-302B.TIF

Eastwood Village A-102.TIF

Eastwood Village A-102B.TIF

Eastwood Village A-112B.TIF

Eastwood Village A-123B.TIF

Eastwood Village A-165.TIF

Eastwood Village A-168.TIF

Eastwood Village A-267B.TIF

Eastwood Village A-319A.tif

Eastwood Village A-330A.tif

Eastwood Village A-83.TIF

Eastwood Village A-87.TIF

Emerald Bay Estates B-152.tif

Emmitt Addition B-274.tif

Enchanted Village A-272B.TIF

Enchanted Village A-286B.TIF

Enchanted Village A196B.TIF

Enchanted Village Addition B-283.tif

Enchanted Village Subdivision B-173.tif

English Addition C-261.tif

Equestrian Estates B-177.tif

Equestrian Estates B-323.tif

Equestrian Estates C-161.tif

Equibrand Subdivison P435.pdf

Fairland Oaks Addition C-177.TIF

Fairris Addition B-249.tif

Fairway Condominiums A-248B.TIF

Fairway Condominiums A-249.TIF

Fairway Condominiums A-249B.TIF

Fairway Condominiums A-250.TIF

Fernandes Estates C-59.tif

Finn Estates B-399.tif

First Discoveries Addition C-346.TIF

First Financial Bank Acton Addition C-151.tif

First National Bank of Acton C-179.tif

Flat Rock Addition C-201.tif

Flat Rock Addition C-230.tif

Fleming Industrial park A-79B.TIF

Fleming Industrial Park C-132.TIF

Flippin's Bend B-320.tif

Forest Oaks B-95.tif

Forgetmenot Estates A-269B.TIF

Fountain Oaks Town Center P-429.pdf

Fountain Village C-124.TIF

Fountain Village C-210.TIF

Fountain Village C-228.TIF

FUMC Addition B-340.TIF

Fun-N-Sun Addition C-34.TIF

Fun-N-Sun Addition C-72.TIF

Gaffin Addition P-419.pdf

Garrett Addition C-87.tif

Gateway Addition B-56.tif

Gateway Addition B-62.tif

Gateway Addition C-104.tif

Gehrke Smith Place C-82.tif

Gemstone Estates B-268.tif

Gemstone Estates B-215.tif

Gemstone Estates B-297.tif

Gemstone Estates B-321.tif

Gemstone Estates C-142.tif

Gemstone Estates C-241.tif

Gemstone Estates C-51.tif

General Highway Map Hood County A-300.TIF

Gerhke Smith Place P-469.pdf

Gibson Discount Center A-335B.tif

Gibson Discount Center of Granbury B-108.tif

Gibson Discount Center of Granbury B-183.tif

Gilbert Addition B-224.tif

Gilbert Addition B210.tif

Gran Tera A-255B.TIF

Gran Tera A-256.tif

Granbury Acres A-112.TIF

Granbury Acres A-153.TIF

Granbury Acres A-168B.TIF

Granbury Acres A-263.TIF

Granbury ASC C-110.tif

Granbury Baptist Church Addition B-46.tif

Granbury Beach Addition C-50.tif

Granbury Billage Addition A-396A.tif

Granbury Church of Christ Addition C-263.tif

Granbury Church of the Nazarene Addition A-296B.TIF

Granbury City Hall A-242B.TIF

Granbury City Limits A-244.TIF

Granbury Commerce Center C-272.TIF

Granbury Commerce Centre C-271.TIF

Granbury Commerce Centre C-312.TIF


Granbury Corners Addition B-18.tif

Granbury Corners Addition B-24.tif

Granbury Corners Addition B-383B.TIF

Granbury Corners B-42.tif

Granbury Corners C-15.tif

Granbury Corners C-17.tif

Granbury East A-382B.tif

Granbury East A-97B.TIF

Granbury East B-7.tif

Granbury East C-193.tif

Granbury Estates A-374B.tif

Granbury Estates A-388B.tif

Granbury Heights Addition A-289B.TIF

Granbury High School A-242.TIF

Granbury Industrial Park A-209B.TIF

Granbury Industrial Park A-234B.TIF

Granbury Industrial Park A-285B.TIF

Granbury Industrial Park A-288.TIF

Granbury Industrial Park B-195.tif

Granbury Industrial Park P-407.tiff

Granbury Meadows A-365B.tif

Granbury Medical Addition B-115.tif

Granbury Medical Center C-149.TIF

Granbury Medical Plaza P-393.tif

Granbury Middle School Addition A-353A.tif

Granbury Middle School B-128.TIF

Granbury Municipal Airport B-216B.tif

Granbury North A-278B.TIF

Granbury North A-98B.TIF

Granbury North Addition B-377.tif

Granbury North Addition C-341.TIF

Granbury Oaks Addition A-314B.tif

Granbury Oaks Addition A-326A.tif

Granbury Place A-239B.TIF

Granbury Village Addition A-389B.tif

Granbury Village Addition C-234.tif

Grand Harbor B-181.tif

Grand Harbor B-188.tif

Grand Harbor B-193.tif

Grand Harbor B-205.tif

Grand Harbor B-213.tif

Grand Harbor B-231.tif

Grand Harbor B-255.tif

Grand Harbor B-330.tif

Grand Harbor C-178.tif

Grand Harbor C-190.tif

Grand Harbor C-269.tif

Grand Harbor Phase Three B-229.tif

Grande Cove Estates A-56.TIF

GranTera A-382A.tif

Gray Addition B-172.tif

Gymkat Addition P-460.pdf

Hanes Additon C-31.tif

Harbor Lakes B-130.tif

Harbor Lakes B-166.TIF

Harbor Lakes B-167.tif

Harbor Lakes B-303.TIF

Harbor Lakes B-310.TIF

Harbor Lakes B-363.TIF

Harbor Lakes B-391.TIF

Harbor Lakes B-396.tif

Harbor Lakes C-119.TIF

Harbor Lakes C-143.TIF

Harbor Lakes C-148.TIF

Harbor Lakes C-85.TIF

Hawthorn Street Addition A-281.TIF

Hawthorn Street Addition B-30.tif

Heather Place Addition B-331.TIF

Heather Place Addition C-30.TIF

Heather Place B-296.TIF

Heathington Addition C-372.pdf

Heltons Subdivision A-171B.TIF

Henderson Addition A-267.TIF

Henderson Addition A-277B.TIF

Henderson Addition A-365A.tif

Henderson Addition B-342.tif

Heritage Heights A-181.TIF

Heritage Heights A-188B.TIF

Heritage Heights A-189.TIF

Heritage Manor A-376B.tif

Heritage Manor B-15.tif

Heritiage Heights A-181B.TIF

Hermosa Hills Estates A-318A.tif

Herons Nest at Harbor Lakes C-120.TIF

Herons Nest at Harbor Lakes C-89.TIF

Herrington Addition B-244.tif

Hewlett Addition A-394B.tif

Hicks Addition B-398.tif

Hidden Creek Estates A-229.TIF

Hidden Creek Estates A-231.TIF

Hidden Valley Estates B-318.tif

Hide Away Bay Estates B-334.tif

Hideaway Bay Estates A-4.TIF

Hideaway Bay Estates B-206.tif

Highland Lakes A-255.TIF

Hill Country Addition A-290B.TIF

Hillside Harbor A-89B.TIF

Hilltop Estates Subdivision A-327A.tif

Holiday Estates A-193.TIF

Holiday Estates A-5B.TIF

Holiday Estates C-287.tif

Holly Hills Memorial Park A-326B.tif

Holly Hills Memorial Park B-329.tif

Holly Hills Memorial Park B-45.TIF

Holly Hills Memorial Park Garden of Hope C-80.tif

Home Depot-Overstreet Addition B-186.tif

Hood County Complex Addition A-369B.tif

Hood County Complex Addition B-400.tif

Hood County Hospital District A-253B.TIF

Hood County Hospital District A-305.tif

Hood County Law Enforcement Center A-358A.tif

Hood County Medical Plaza A-246.TIF

Hood County Road No .205 A-292.TIF

Hood Couonty Hospital District A-364B.tif

Hopkins leases A-160B.TIF

Horton Addition A-370B.tif

Horton Addition C-164.TIF

Hugh Roe Addition A-395B.tif

Hugh Roe Addition B-65.tif

Hunter's Grove B-275.tif

Hunters Grove B-275.tif

Hunterwood A-258.tif

Hunterwood A-282B.TIF

Hunterwood A-296.TIF

Indian Harbor A-169.TIF

Indian Harbor A-169B.TIF

Indian Harbor A-170.TIF

Indian Harbor A-170B.TIF

Indian Harbor A-171.TIF

Indian Harbor A-172B.TIF

Indian Harbor A-176B.TIF

Indian Harbor A-28.TIF

Indian Harbor A-34.TIF

Indian Harbor A-34B.TIF

Indian Harbor A-40.TIF

Indian Harbor A-44B.TIF

Indian Harbor A-46B.TIF

Indian Harbor A-52.TIF

Indian Harbor A-52B.TIF

Indian Harbor A-53.TIF

Indian Harbor A-54.TIF

Indian Harbor A-54B.TIF

Indian Harbor A-57.TIF

Indian Harbor A-59.TIF

Indian Harbor A-59B.TIF

Indian Harbor A-60.TIF

Indian Harbor A-60B.TIF

Indian Harbor A-61.TIF

Indian Harbor A-65B.TIF

Indian Harbor A-66.TIF

Indian Harbor A-69B.TIF

Indian Harbor C-11.tif

Indian Harbor C-113.tif

Indian Harbor C-174.tif

Indian Harbor C-181.tif

Indian Harbor C-213.tif

Indian Harbor C-224.tif

Indian Harbor C-243.tif

Indian Harbor C-258.tif

Indian Harbor C-293.tif

Indian Harbor C-93.tif

Indian Harbor C-99.tif

Indian Harbor P-412.tiff

Indian Harbor Resort A-14B.TIF

Indian Harbor Resort P-421.pdf

Indian Hills.TIF

Ingram Addition C-188.tif

Island Village Estates A-113.TIF

Island Village Estates C-357.pdf

Island Village Estates C-364.pdf

J & J Catfish & Seafood Addition A-300B.TIF

J. Dansby Survey A-51B.TIF

Jackson Estate A-7B.TIF

James Road Subdivision B-279.tif

James Road Subdivision B-82.tif


Jobes First Addition B-78.tif

John A Schnell A-51.TIF

John Chenowith Survey A-13B.TIF

John Chenowith Survey A-23.TIF

John Fenimore Tract A-3B.TIF

Johnson Addition B-126.tif

Jones Addition A-197.TIF

Jones Addition C-134.tif

Josiah Estates C-128.tif


Kayann Cove A-349B.tif

Kayjan Addition A-195.TIF

Kayjan Addition A-200B.TIF

Kemah Addition C-153.tif

Kendall Acres Addition A-312B.tif

Kennington Addition B-324.tif

Kennon Meadows A-192.TIF

Kennon Meadows A-197B.TIF

Kennon Meadows A-216.TIF

Kennon Meadows A-222B.TIF

Kennon Meadows A-252B.TIF

Kennon Meadows B-23.tif

Ki-Kaga Resort A-70B.TIF

Ki-Kaga Resorts B-239.tif

Kickapoo Estates A-298B.TIF

Knapp Addition C-217.tif

Knob Hill A-307B.tif

Knob Hill A-311B.tif

Knob Hill C-352.pdf

Kroger Marketplace Addition P-472.pdf

Krzeminski Surgical Plaza B-385.tif

La Vista De Cordova A-312A.tif

La Vista De Cordova Townhomes A-268.TIF

La Vista De Cordova Townhomes A-280.TIF

Laguna Tres Estates A-27.TIF

Laguna Tres Estates A-330B.tif

Laguna Tres Estates B-353.tif

Laguna Tres North A-18B.TIF

Laguna Vista A-280B.TIF

Laguna Vista B-111.tif

Laguna Vista B-146.tif

Laguna Vista B-393.tif

Laguna Vista C-273.tif

Laguna Vista C-303.tif

Laguna Vista C-7.tif

Laguna Vista C-73.tif

Laguna Vista Replat P-424.pdf

Lake Forest B-154.TIF

Lake Forest B-288.tif

Lake Forest B-350.tif

Lake Forest C-296.tif

Lake Forest C-298.tif

Lake Granbury Christian Temple B-367.tif

Lake Granbury Estates A-389A.tif

Lake Granbury Estates A-392A.tif

Lake Granbury Estates B-11.tif

Lake Granbury Estates B-12.tif

Lake Granbury Estates B-346.tif

Lake Granbury Estates B-39.tif

Lake Granbury Estates C-77.tif

Lake Granbury Harbor A-107B.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-114.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-151B.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-182B.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-201.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-203B.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-211B.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-218.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-219.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-358B.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-90B.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-95B.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-96.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor A-96B.TIF

Lake Granbury Harbor Subdivision A-313A.tif

Lake Granbury Harbor Subdivision A-317A.tif

Lake Granbury Marina Addition B-107.TIF

Lake Granbury Mobile Home Park A-212.TIF

Lake Granbury RV Ranch A-371B.tif

Lake Shores Condo A-144B.TIF

Lake Waples A-328A.tif

Lake Wood Hills Estates C-195.tif

Lakecrest A-128.TIF

Lakecrest Manor A-111.TIF

Lakecrest Manor B-110.tif

Lakes at Timber Cove B-202.TIF

Lakes at Timber Cove C-355.pdf

Lakeside Hills A-225.TIF

Lakeside Hills A-225B.TIF

Lakeview Acres A-125B.TIF

Lakeview Townhouse Estates A-132.TIF

Lakeview Townhouse Estates A-165B.TIF

Lakeview Townhouse Estates A-271.TIF

Lakeview Townhouse Estates A-58B.TIF

Lakeview Townhouse Estates A303.tif

Lakeview Townhouse Estates B-256.tif

Lakeview Townhouses Estates A-177.TIF

Lakewood Hills A-129B.TIF

Lakewood Hills Estates A-11.TIF

Lakewood Hills Estates A-11B.TIF

Lakewood Hills Estates A-124.TIF

Lakewood Hills Estates A-149.TIF

Lakewood Hills Estates B-356.tif

Lakewood Hills Estates C-106.TIF

Lakewood Hills Estates C-56.tif

Lakewood Plaza C-185.tif

Lakewood Plaza C-64.tif

Lambert Branch Addition B-17.tif

Lambert Branch Addition B-48.tif

Lambert Branch Addition B-63.tif

Lambert Branch Addition B-9.tif

Lambert Branch Park A-260.TIF

Lambert Branch Park Addition P-394.1.tif

Lambert Branch Park Addition P-394.2.tif

Lambert Branch Townhouses A-233.TIF

Lantana Addition B-104.TIF

Lantana Addition B-148.tif

Lantana Addition B-158.TIF

Lantana Addition B-232.tif

Larned Addition B-73.tif

Lewis Addition C-308.tif

Little Addition P-377.TIF

Little Road Right of Way B-101.tif

Live Oak Creek A-265.TIF

Live Oak Estates A-73.TIF

Live Oak Plaza Addition A-321A.tif

Long Creek Subdivision B-123.tif

Long Creek Subdivision B-282.tif

Long Creek Subdivision C-76.tif

Lori Lee Addition C-92.tif

Lowes Addition C-16.TIF

Lowes Addition C-37.TIF

Lowes Addition C-9.TIF

Lusk Branch Addition P-461.pdf

Luton Ranch Addition C-333.TIF

Luton Ranch Addition P-380.2.TIF

Luton Ranch Addition P-380.3.TIF

Luton Ranch Addition P-380.4.TIF

Luton Ranch Addition P-380.TIF

Luton Ranch Addition P-404.pdf

Luton Ranch C-371.pdf

Luton Ranch West Addition P-432.pdf

M F Berry Addition B-164.tif

Main Place B-378.tif

Main Place C-121.tif

Main Place C-139.tif

Main Place C-196.tif

Mainord Subdivision A-369A.tif

Mallard Pointe on Lake Granbury A-388A.TIF

Mallard Pointe on Lake Granbury A-393A.tif

Mallard Pointe on Lake Granbury B-125.tif

Mallard Pointe on Lake Granbury B-132.tif

Mallard Pointe on Lake Granbury B-300.tif

Mallard Pointe on Lake Granbury C-61.tif

Mallard Pointe on Lake Granbury C-67.tif

Marcus Smith Survey A-17.TIF

Marcus Smith Survey A-237.TIF

Marcus Smith Survey A-246B.TIF

Marcus Smith Survey A-6B.TIF

Marigold Place B-165.tif

Marys Place Subdivision A-320B.tif

Marys Place Subdivision A-377A.tif

Masons Addition B-106.tif

Masons Addition B-388.tif

McCasland Addition C-47.tif

MCI Land Addition B-147.tif

Meadow Heights Addition C-337.tif

Meadow Heights Addition C-65.tif

Meadow Hieghts Addition A-331A.tif

Meadow Lark Addition A-207B.TIF

Meadow Lark Estates VA-99.TIF

Meadow Wood Estates A-262.TIF

Meadow Wood Estates A-271B.TIF

Meadow Wood Estates A-289.TIF

Meadow Wood Estates A-343A.tif

Meadow Wood Estates A-350A.tif

Meadowlark Addition A-236B.TIF

Meadowlark Addition A-243B.TIF

Meadows North Addition A-228B.TIF

Meadows North AdditionP-416.jpg

Meadows West Addition P-434.pdf

Meander Estates B-159.TIF

Meander Estates B-233.tif

Meander Estates B-302.tif

Meander Estates C-267.TIF

Meander Estates C-69.TIF

Meander Park Addition C-304.tif

Meandering Oaks A-399A.tif

Mesa Grande A-21.TIF

Mesa Grande A-21B.TIF

Mesa Grande A-55.TIF

Mesa Grande B-112.tif

Mesa Grande C-284.tif

Mesa Grande P-389.tif


Mid-Haven Estates A-247.TIF

Mike Ford Brown Addition B-240.TIF

Milam Co School A-243.TIF

Miliam Co. School Survey A-3.TIF

Milson Addition C-5.tif

Misty Meadows A-276B.TIF

Mobile Physical Therapy Addition B-176.tif

Montego Bay Estates A-136.TIF

Montego Bay Estates C-285.tif

Moore Estates A-8B.TIF

Moore Estates Subdivision A-366A.tif

Moore Street Annex A-254B.TIF

Mooreland Subdivision A-25B.TIF

Motorsport Industrial Park C-203.tif

Motorsport Industrial Park C-252.tif

Motorsport Industrial Park C-294.tif

Motorsports Enterprise Addition C-170.tif

Mountain View Addition A-177B.TIF

Mountain View Addition A-315B.tif

Mountain View Addition C-336.tif

Mountain View Place A-320A.tif

Mountain View Place Subdivision A-338B.tif

Mountian View A-98.TIF

Mountian View Addition A-167.TIF

Muckleroy Addition B-37.tif

Myers Addition A-395A.tif

Myers Addition C-216.tif

N F Properties Subdivision A-313B.tif

Nassau Bay A-2B.TIF

Nassau Bay A-9.TIF

Nassau Bay I B-157.tif

Nassau Bay I B-286.tif

Nassau Bay I B-96.tif

Neely Addition B-344.tif

Neely Addition C-331.tif

Nelson Addition B-29.tif

Nelson Addition C-75.tif

Nimmo Addition A-220B.TIF

Nolan Creek A-266.TIF

Norman Acres A-194.TIF

North Fork Creek A-211A.TIF

North Fork Creek A-220.TIF

North Fork Creek C-136.tif

Nutt Addition A-337B.tif

Nutt Addition A-391B.tif

Nutt Addition B-220.tif

Nutt Addition B-25.tif

Nutt Addition B-262.tif

Nutt Addition B-41.tif

Nutt Addition C-163.tif

Nutt Addition C-218.TIF

Nutt Addition C-235.tif

Nutt Addition C-268.tif

Nutt Addition C-314.TIF

Oak Country Estates A-111B.TIF

Oak Country Estates A-291.TIF

Oak Grove Farm B-142.tif

Oak Hills A-116B.TIF

Oak Hills A-126B.TIF

Oak Hills A-127.TIF

Oak Hills A-127B.TIF

Oak Hills A-130.TIF

Oak Hills A-63B.TIF

Oak Hills A-64B.TIF

Oak Hills A-68B.TIF

Oak Hills A-79.TIF

Oak Trail Plaza A-215.TIF

Oak Trail Acres A-119.TIF

Oak Trail Acres A-85.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-10B.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-115B.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-12.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-17B.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-18.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-19.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-29.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-45.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-50.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-50B.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-53B.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-55B.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-58.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-67.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-71B.TIF

Oak Trail Shores A-75.TIF

Oak Trail Shores Addition B-190.tif

Oak Trail Shores P-376.pdf

Oak Wood Lake Addition A-10.TIF

Old Granbury Estates B-245.TIF

Old Granbury Estates B-370.TIF

Old Granbury Estates B-371.tif

Old Granbury Estates B-381.TIF

Old Granbury Estates B-382.TIF

Old Granbury Estates Subdivision B-216.TIF

Old Granbury Estates Subdivision B-218.TIF

Olde Town at the Square B-260.tif

Orchard 11 C-160.TIF

Orchard Addition A-354B.tif

Orchard Addition B-116.tif

Orchard Addition B-242.tif

Orchard Addition B-44.tif

Orchard Addition B-91.tif

Orchard Addition C-282.TIF

Orchard Addition No 1 A-362B.tif

Orchard Addition No 2 A-363A.tif

Orchard Addition No 3 A-368A.tif

Orchard Addition No 4 A-372B.tif

Orchard Addition No.5 A-376A.tif

Orchard Addition No.6 A-378A.tif

Orchard Addition No.6 A-387A.tif

Orchard Addition No.7 C-94.tif

Orchard Addition No2 A-363B.TIF

Orchard Addtition No. 1 A-352A.tif

Orchard Nine B-191.TIF

Orchard Ten B-226.TIF

Original Town Granbury A-192B.TIF

Original Town Granbury A-260B.TIF

Original Town Granbury A-266B.TIF

Original Town of Granbury A-346A.tif

Original Town of Granbury A-351B.tif

Original Town of Granbury C-257.tif

Original Town of Granbury C-262.tif

Original Town of Granbury C-274.tif

Original Town of Granbury P-409.tiff

Original Town of Granbury P-464.pdf

Our Savior Lutheran Church Addition B-180.tif

Pace Addition A-206B.TIF

Pace Addition A-257.tif

Pace Addition A-257B.tif

Pace Addition A-367A.tif

Pace Addition B-50.TIF

Paluxy Healthcare Addition C-334.tif

Paluxy Medical Center C-98.tif

Paluxy Place A-377B.tif

Paluxy Professional Plaza C-342.TIF

Paluxy Road Subdivision A-349A.tif

Paluxy Road Subdivision B-20.tif

Paluxy Road Subdivision C-187.tif

Park 51 Addition C-220.tif

Parkview Place C-208.TIF

Parkview Place C-209.TIF

Parkview Place C-343.TIF

Parkview Place P-387.2.TIF

Parkview Place P-387.TIF

Pastafina Addition B-214.tif

Peak Plaza Addition P-422.pdf

Pearcy Christon Addition A-217.TIF

Pearcy Christon Addition A-264.TIF

Pearcy Christon Addition A-323B.tif

Pearcy Christon Addition A-331B.tif

Pearcy Christon Addition A-340A.tif

Pearcy Christon Addition A-367A.tif

Pearcy Christon Addition B-341.tif

Pearcy-Christon Addition A-348B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-103.TIF

Pecan Estates A-368B.tif

Pecan Estates A-378B.TIF

Pecan Estates A-386B.TIF

Pecan Estates A-390A.TIF

Pecan Estates A-390B.TIF

Pecan Estates A-397A.tif

Pecan Estates B-100.tif

Pecan Estates B-51.tif

Pecan Estates B-8.tif

Pecan Estates P-385.TIF

Pecan Estates Sec 2 A-385B.tif

Pecan Grove A-252.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-103B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-104.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-104B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-105.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-108B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-109.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-109B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-110.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-110B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-113B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-121B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-122.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-128B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-129.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-134B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-138.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-138B.1.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-138B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-139.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-139B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-155B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-156.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-156B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-157.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-157B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-158.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-158B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-159.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-159B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-173B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-175.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-178.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-178B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-179.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-179B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-180.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-183.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-184.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-185.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-185B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-186.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-186B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-187.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-187B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-188.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-193B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-301.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-338A.tif

Pecan Plantation A-343B.tif

Pecan Plantation A-345A.tif

Pecan Plantation A-347B.tif

Pecan Plantation A-354A.tif

Pecan Plantation A-355A.tif

Pecan Plantation A-355B.tif

Pecan Plantation A-356.tif

Pecan Plantation A-360B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-371A.tif

Pecan Plantation A-373A.tif

Pecan Plantation A-379B.tif

Pecan Plantation A-381B.tif

Pecan Plantation A-72.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-72B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-76B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-77.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-77B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-78.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-78B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-84.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-85B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-86B.TIF

Pecan Plantation A-89.TIF

Pecan Plantation B-124.tif

Pecan Plantation B-127.tif

Pecan Plantation B-133.tif

Pecan Plantation B-135.tif

Pecan Plantation B-137.tif

Pecan Plantation B-151.tif

Pecan Plantation B-163.tif

Pecan Plantation B-169.TIF

Pecan Plantation B-196.tif

Pecan Plantation B-199.tif

Pecan Plantation B-2.tif

Pecan Plantation B-200.tif

Pecan Plantation B-201.tif

Pecan Plantation B-209.tif

Pecan Plantation B-247.tif

Pecan Plantation B-248.tif

Pecan Plantation B-270.tif

Pecan Plantation B-276.tif

Pecan Plantation B-277.tif

Pecan Plantation B-284.tif

Pecan Plantation B-285.tif

Pecan Plantation B-290.tif

Pecan Plantation B-316.tif

Pecan Plantation B-339.tif

Pecan Plantation B-358.tif

Pecan Plantation B-375.tif

Pecan Plantation B-6.tif

Pecan Plantation C-115.tif

Pecan Plantation C-12.tif

Pecan Plantation C-135.tif

Pecan Plantation C-137.tif

Pecan Plantation C-147.tif

Pecan Plantation C-154.tif

Pecan Plantation C-182.tif

Pecan Plantation C-183.tif

Pecan Plantation C-19.tif

Pecan Plantation C-20.tif

Pecan Plantation C-207.tif

Pecan Plantation C-231.tif

Pecan Plantation C-239.tif

Pecan Plantation C-250.tif

Pecan Plantation C-26.tif

Pecan Plantation C-281.tif

Pecan Plantation C-286.tif

Pecan Plantation C-307.tif

Pecan Plantation C-320.tif

Pecan Plantation C-344.TIF

Pecan Plantation C-354.pdf

Pecan Plantation C-54.tif

Pecan Plantation P-403.pdf

Pecan Plantation P-411.tiff



Pecan Plantation Unit 3.pdf

Pecan Platation A-74.TIF

Pecan Platation A-76.TIF

Pecan Reserve C-159.TIF

Pecan Reserve C-58.TIF


PecanPlantation P-436.pdf

Peters Addition B-252.tif

Petersen Addition C-84.tif

Plaza East A-273.TIF

Plaza East B-317.tif

Plaza East C-122.tif

Plaza East C-2.tif

Plaza East C-6.tif

Ponte Verde Condo A-32.TIF

Ponte Verde Condo A-32B.TIF

Pope Leases A-161.TIF

Port Ridglea A-15B.TIF

Port Ridglea A-16.TIF

Port Ridglea A-57B.TIF

Port Ridglea East A-56B.TIF

Port Ridglea East B-86.tif

Ports O Call A-116.TIF

Ports O Call A-121.TIF

Ports O Call A-13.TIF

Ports O Call Addition A-12B.TIF

Post Oak Acres A-126.TIF

Post Oak Acres A-274B.TIF

Post Oak Acres C-156.tif

Praire Creek Acres A-87B.TIF

Praire Creek Acres A-88.TIF

Price Young Addition P418.pdf


Proffitts Subdivision C-102.tif

Proffitts Subdivision C-96.tif

Providence Place B-64.tif

Prusouth Business Center Addition C-144.tif

Pyles Addition C-78.tif

Quail Ridge Acres A-190.TIF

Quail Ridge Acres B-287.tif

Quail Ridge Acres B-362.tif

Quail Ridge II A-327B.tif

R A Phillips Addition C-109.tif

R A Phillips Addition C-117.tif

Racetrac 377 & 4 Addition P-379.2.TIF

Racetrac 377 & 4 Addition P-379.TIF

Racetrac-377&4 Addition C-356.pdf

Rafter T C-152.tif

Rafter T C-313.tif

Rainbow Estates A-275.TIF

Rancho Brazos Addition B-369.tif

Rancho Brazos C-297.tif

Rancho Brazos P-386.TIF

Ray Lynn A-136B.TIF

Red Stag Addition P-415.pdf

Remington Estates B-230.TIF

Richmond Road A-251B.TIF

River Country Acres A-122B.TIF

River Country Acres A-135.TIF

River Country Acres C-347.TIF

River Run A-218B.TIF

Road Show Addition C-91.tif

Roberts Oak Haven B-227.tif

Robinson Creek Estates C-44.tif

Robison Creek Estates B-390.tif

Rock Harabor Estates C-205.tif

Rock Harbor Estates A-22B.TIF

Rock Harbor Estates B-251.tif

Rock Harbor Estates B-361.tif

Rolling Acres A-144.TIF

Rolling Hills Shores A-117B.TIF

Rolling Hills Shores A-118.TIF

Rolling Hills Shores A-37B.TIF

Rolling Hills Shores A-38.TIF

Rolling Hills Shores A-46.TIF

Rolling Hills Shores A-71.TIF

Rolling Hills Shores A-73B.TIF

Rollins Addition C-101.tif

Rollins Addition C-157.tif

Rollins Addition C-199.tif

Rollins Addition C-21.tif

Rollins Addition C-57.tif

Rollins Additon C-38.tif

Rough Creek Estates C-277.tif

Royal Oaks Addition A-63.TIF

S and W Acres A-344B.TIF

S. E. Key Estate A-164B.TIF

Sandy Beach A-140B.TIF

Sandy Beach A-164.TIF

Sandy Beach A-75B.TIF

Scenic Ridge A-239.TIF

Scenic View Estates A-209.TIF

Schroeder Addition B-309.tif

Scottish Rite Lease A-162B.TIF

Scottish Rite Village Subdivision A-348B.tif

Sealey Ridge A-215B.TIF

Sealey Ridge A-230.TIF

Sealey Ridge B-213B.tif

Sealey Ridge P-381.TIF

Sealy Ridge B-80.tif

Second Addition to Town of Tolar C-254.tif

Second Addn to the Town of Tolar C-165.tif

Second Addn Town of Tolar C-118.tif

Seven Oaks B-1.tif

Shady Cove Addition A-372A.tif

Shady Cove Addition B-141.tif

Shady Grove A-250B.TIF

Shady Grove A-251.TIF

Shady Grove A-269.TIF

Shady Grove A-270B.TIF

Shady Grove III B-121.tif

Shady Oaks Plaza A-283B.TIF

Shannon's Run C-222.tif

Shore Wood Village Addition A-264B.TIF

Shultz Addition B-117.tif

Shultz Addition P-465.pdf

Sierra Blanca B-145.tif

Sierra Blanca B43.TIF

Sierra Ridge C-32.tif

Silver Stone Addition C-221.tif

Six J Bay A-137B.TIF

Sky Harbor A-41.TIF

Sky Harbor A-43.TIF

Sky Harbour A-141B.TIF

Sky Harbour A-142B.TIF

Sky Harbour A-191B.TIF

Sky Harbour A-74B.TIF

Sky Harbour B-179.tif

Sky Harbour B-335.tif

Sky Harbour B-354.tif

Sky Harbour C-150.tif

Sky Harbour C-278.tif

Sky Harbour C-300.tif


Smiths Suvdivision A-314A.tif

South Grove Addition A-208.TIF

South Grove Addition A-237B.TIF

South Grove Addition A-238.TIF

South Grove Addition A-256B.tif

South Grove Addition A-347A.tif

South Grove Addition A-392B.tif

South Harbor A-81B.TIF

South Harbor A-90.TIF

South Harbor Subdivision B-217.tif

South Oaks Estates A-166.TIF

Southtown C-83.tif

Southtown A-198.TIF

Southtown A-205.TIF

Southtown A-205B.TIF

Southtown A-253.TIF

Southtown A-91.TIF

Southtown A-91B.TIF

Southtown A-92.TIF

Southtown A-92B.TIF

Southtown Addition B-207.TIF

Southtown B-118.tif

Southtown B-53.tif

Southtown C-103.tif

Southtown C-107.tif

Southtown C-23.tif

Southtown C-289.TIF

Southtown Plaza A-145B.TIF

Southview Acres A-82.TIF

Southwest Parkway Industrial Park A-224.TIF

Southwood Acres A-83B.TIF

Spanish Trail A-115.TIF

Spanish Trail Addition A-341B.tif

Spanish Trail Addition A-342A.tif

Spanish Trail Addition A-385A.tif

Spanish Trail Addition C-43.tif

Spanish Trail C-186.tif

Spanish Trail Wes Addition A-222.TIF

Spanish Trail West Addition A-380A.tif

Spanish Trail West B-299.tif

Spanish Trail West B-345.tif

Spanish Trail West B-397.tif

St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church Addition C-138.tif

Stanton Heights C-90.tif

State National Bank C-95.tif

Stewarts Oaks A-224B.TIF

Stewarts Oaks A-381A.tif

Stewarts Oaks A-391A.tif

Stewarts Oaks B-337.tif

Stoddard Addition B-84.tif

Stone Hill Addition B-365.tif

Stone Hill Business Park C-130.tif

Stonewater Church Addition C-305.tif

Stoney Creek B-103.tif

Stoney Creek B-156.tif

Stoney Creek P-466.pdf

Stroud Creek A-107.TIF

Stroud Creek Estates A-132B.TIF

Stroud Creek Estates A-22.TIF

Stroud Creek Estates A-38B.TIF

Stroud Creek Estates C-24.tif

Stroud Creek Estates C-291.tif

Summer Hill Eatates B-314.tif

Summer Hill Estates C-116.tif

Summer Hill Estates C-172.tif

Summer Hill Estates C-173.tif

Summer Hill Estates C-25.tif

Summer Hill Estates C-60.tif

Summerland Addition A-304A.tif

Summerlin A-393B.tif

Summerlin A-396B.tif

Summerlin Addition B-168.tif

Summerlin B-327.tif

Summerlin B-4.tif

Summerlin B-57.tif

Summerlin B-70.tif

Summerlin Phase I C-348.TIF

Sun Rise Bay A-16B.TIF

Sun Rise Bay P-430.pdf

Sunchase Hills A-261B.TIF

Sunchase Hills A-341A.tif

Sunchase Hills B-235.tif

Sunchase Meadows A-259.tif

Sunchase Village A-258B.tif

Sundown Estates B-333.TIF

Sunset Acres A-316A.TIF

Swaine Subdivision C-46.tif

Taylor Addition A-397B.tif

Taylor and Horton Addition A-221B.TIF

Temple Oaks B-395.tif

Terlingua Estates C-202.tif

Texas Bank Plaza B-272.tif

Texas Bank Plaza C-41.tif

Texas Scottish Rite A-148B.TIF

The Acres A-133B.TIF

The Acres A-134.TIF

The Barton Addition B-149.tif

The Barton Addition B-153.tif

The Bluffs A-232B.TIF

The Bluffs on Lake Granbury C-176.tif

The Cliffs on Lake Granbury B-171.TIF

The Cliffs on Lake Granbury B-90.TIF

The Clint Subdivision C-171.tif

The Coulston Addition A-259B.tif

The Cross Ranch B-212.tif

The Cross Subdivision B-189.tif

The Cross Subdivision B-198.tif

The Fairland Oaks Subdivision B-204.tif

The Hill Country A-232.TIF

The Hills of Granbury A-278.TIF

The Hills of Granbury A-299B.TIF

The Hills of Granbury A-302.TIF

The Hills of Granbury A-303B.tif

The Hills of Granbury A-306A.tif

The Hills of Granbury A-315.tif

The Hills of Granbury A-318B.tif

The Hills of Granbury A-322B.tif

The Hills of Granbury A-336A.tif

The Hills of Granbury A-346B.tif

The Hills of Granbury B-336.tif

The Landings C-321.pdf

The Live Oaks Addition A-7.TIF

The Lodge of Granbury A-223.TIF

The Lodge of Granbury A-223B.TIF

The Lodge of Granbury A-247B.TIF

The Miller Addition C-33.tif

The Nutt Addition A-221.TIF

The Nutt Addition A-233B.TIF

The Nutt Addition A-245.TIF

The Oaks at Fall Creek A-379A.tif

The Oaks at Fall Creek A-398A.tif

The Oaks at Fall Creek B-59.tif

The Oaks at Fall Creek Country Estates B-301.tif

The Old W D Ranch A-226.TIF

The Old W D Ranch A-226B.TIF

The Old W D Ranch A-227.TIF

The Old W D Ranch A-227B.TIF

The Old W D Ranch A-231B.TIF

The Old W D Ranch A-235B.TIF

The Old W D Ranch A-241.TIF

The Old W D Ranch A-241B.TIF


The Orchards on the Brazos P-451.pdf

The Original Town of Tolar C-68.tif

The Peninsula of Lake Granbury C-127.tif

The Peninsula on Lake Granbury B-113.tif

The Peninsula on Lake Granbury B-352.tif

The Peninsula on Lake Granbury B-360.tif

The Peninsula on Lake Granbury B-38.TIF

The Peninsula on Lake Granbury C-232.tif

The Peninsula on Lake Granbury C-233.tif

The Peninsula on Lake Granbury C-279.tif

The Peninsula on Lake Granbury P-467.pdf

The Plaza East Subdivision B-89.tif

The Quarry B-269.TIF

The Quarry C-175.tif

The Quarry C-288.tif

The Quarry P-408.jpg

The Retreat B-47.TIF

The Retreat B-85.tif

The Retreat C-14.tif

The Retreat C-246.tif

The Ridge Condominiums A-240.TIF

The Ridge III A-277.TIF

The Shops of Granbury Addition C-39.TIF

The Shores A-140.TIF

The Shores A-380B.tif

The Shores A-49B.TIF

The Shores B-201B.tif

The Shores B-241.tif

The Shores B-26.tif

The Short Subdivision A-308B.tif

The Village at Lake Granbury C-131.tif

The Village at Lake Granbury C-198.tif

The Village at Lake Granbury C-309.tif

The Village at Lake Granbury C-345.TIF

The Village At Lake Granbury P-388.TIF

The Village At Lake Granbury P-426.pdf

The Villas at Pecan Plantation C-125.TIF

The Vineyards at Harbor Lakes C-111.TIF

The Vineyards at Harbor Lakes C-88.TIF

The Wallace Addition C-191.tif

The Watermark on Lake Granbury C-214.TIF

Thomas Addition B-281.tif

Thompson-Rudd Addition C-189.tif

Thrash Addition A-204.TIF

Thrash Addition A-245B.TIF

Thrash Addition A-281B.TIF

Thrash Addition A-305B.tif

Thrash Addition A-319B.tif

Thrash Addition A-321B.tif

Thrash Addition A-335A.tif

Thrash Addition A-383A.tif

Thrash Addition A-398B.tif

Thrash Addition B-114.tif

Thrash Addition B-143.tif

Thrash Addition B-5.tif

Thrash Addition B-52.tif

Thrash Addition B289.tif

Thrash Addition C-8.tif

Thrash Park Addition A-325B.tif

Thrash-West Addition B-152.tif

Thrash-West Additon B-338.tif

Three 77 Sunset Strip A-146.TIF

Three 77 Sunset Strip A-47.TIF

Thrift Mart Addition A-367B.tif

Thunderbird A-135B.TIF

Thunderbird Cove A-163.TIF

Thunderbird Cove A-213.TIF

Thunderbird Cove Development A-84B.TIF

Timber Cove B-40.TIF

Timber Cove B-72.TIF

Timber Ridge A-230B.TIF

Tolar A-36.TIF

Tolar B-366.tif

Tolar City Limits A-375A.tif

Tolar Second Addition B-261.tif

Town and Country Addition B-347.tif

Town and Country Addition B-386.tif

Town of Tolar A-329B.tif

Town of Tolar C-225.tif

Town of Tolar C-251.tif

Town of Tolar Replat P-427.pdf

Toyota Addition C-108.TIF

Toyota Addition P-437.pdf



Tran-Haven Estates A-298.TIF

Traylor & Horton Addition A-273B.TIF

Traylor-Horton Addition B-278.tif

Traylor-Horton Addition B-304.tif

Treaty Oaks B-264.TIF

Treaty Oaks C-3.TIF

Triangle Acres A-262B.TIF

Triangle Acres C-229.tif

Triple B Addition C-365.pdf

TSC-Granbury C-48.tif

Turney Addition C-74.tif

Twin Oaks Addition B-160.tif

Two Turleys Addition C-162.tif


UCS Addition P-470.pdf

University Place A-279B.TIF

University Place B-376.tif

University Place C-306.tif

Van Griffith's Addition C-248.tif

Vaughn Addition B-87.tif

Vaughn Addition C-49.tif

Victorian Place A-248.TIF

Victorian Place Subdivision A-297.TIF

Viewcrest Lake A-35B.TIF

Villages of Stonebrook B-155.TIF

Villages of Stonebrook B-311.tif

Villages of Stonebrook C-141.tif

Villages of Stonebrook C-206.tif

Villages of Stonebrook C-242.tif

Villages of Stonebrook C-45.tif

Villages of Stonebrook P-420.pdf

VOA Addition B-357.TIF

VOA Addition C-227.TIF

W. D. Ranch A-114B.TIF

W. F. Bailey Survey A-148.TIF

W. F. Coleman Ranch A-1B.TIF

Wadley-Anderson Addition B-280.tif

Wadley-Anderson Addition B-351.tif

Wal-Mart Addition A-207.TIF

Wal-Mart Addition A-322A.tif

Wal-Mart Addition A-344A.tif

Wal-Mart Addition B-225.tif

Wallmart Addition A-336B.tif

Walnut Creek A-311A.tif

Walnut Creek A-324B.tif

Walnut Creek A-362A.tif

Walnut Creek P-438.pdf

Walnut Creek Place A-229B.TIF

Waples Oaks A-325A.tif

Waples West A-284B.TIF

Waters Edge A-282.TIF

Waters Edge A-304B.tif

Waters Edge A-342B.tif

Waters Edge A-345B.tif

Waters Edge A-357B.TIF

Waters Edge A-359B.tif

Waters Edge A-394A.TIF

Waters Edge B-13.tif

Waters Edge B-306.tif

Waters Edge B-308.tif

Waters Edge B-31.tif

Waters Edge B-34.TIF

Waters Edge B-92.TIF

Waters Edge C-52.tif

Waters Edge Dr B-307.TIF

Waters Edge Drive B-234.TIF

Waterwood Estates A-203.TIF

Weems Estates A-194B.TIF

Weems Estates A-265B.TIF

Welch Subdivision B-182.tif

West Industrial park A-272.TIF

Western Hills Harbor A-6.TIF

Western Hills Harbor C-280.tif

Western Hills Harbor Subdivision C-245.tif

Westview A-151.TIF

Westview Acres A-120B.TIF

Wherry Adams Survey A-4B.TIF

Whippoorwill Bay A-100B.TIF

Whippoorwill Bay A-141.TIF

Whippoorwill Bay A-142.TIF

Whippoorwill Bay A-146B.TIF

Whippoorwill Bay A-147.TIF

Whippoorwill Bay A-147B.TIF

Whippoorwill Bay A-80.TIF

Whippoorwill Bay A-97.TIF

Whippoorwill Bay A-99B.TIF

Whippoorwill Bay B-150.tif

Whisper View Village A-184B.TIF

Whisperwood C-63.tif

Wildflower Estates A-387B.tif

Wildwood A-125.TIF

Willow Ridge Addition C-86.tif

Willsher Addition C-184.tif

Wilson Station B-374.tif

Wolf Crossing Addition C-194.tif

Wolf Hollow B-273.tif

Woodcreek Subdivision A-293.TIF

Woodcreek Subdivision A-294.TIF

Woodcreek Subdivision A-294B.TIF

Woodcreek Subdivision A-295.TIF

Woodcreek Subdivision A-295B.TIF

Woodcreek Subdivision C-27.tif

Woodcreek Subdivison Street Data A-293B.TIF

Woods Addition C-332.tif

Wright Addition C-112.tif

Wynview Farms B-120.tif

Wynview Farms B-99.tif

Young Addition C-219.tif



Notice of Meeting_20200508.pdf