Protest Process



Beginning on April 2 protests to the ARB can be filed by electronic communications via the HCAD website using the Online Protest or in written form. The Hood Central Appraisal District (HCAD) would prefer that all property owners file their protest online using HCAD's website instead of visiting our office to speak with an appraiser or mailing in a protest.

A protest must be filed by June 1, or no later than 30 days after the Appraisal District delivers a Notice of Appraised Value to you, whichever is later. However, if the protest deadline falls on a weekend or holiday then the protest deadline is the first business day after the date. For most, the deadline to file a written protest for the 2022 Tax Year is June 1st. Please check the deadline dates on your Business Personal Property Notice of Appraised Value/Notice of Protest form for protest deadline on these properties.

Office visits are not necessary to resolve issues with appraisers. If you submit your protests and evidence, an appraiser will review your protest and evidence and may attempt to contact you prior to your scheduled ARB Hearing. It is not necessary to visit HCAD's office to resolve your issue informally with an appraiser. If they are able to make an adjustment that you are in agreement with, there may be no need for your formal ARB hearing.

Please check your hearing date and time and if you have not heard anything from the Appraisal District and your issue(s) remain unresolved then you need to attend your scheduled hearing before the ARB.

Informal Appraisal Review Procedure

TAAD Real Estate Value Increases

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